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November, 04 2007 - Healing Harps at Sunset at Garden Event

What: Harps in the Garden

Where: Swaback Partners and Studio V

When: November 4, 2007

Time: 4:00 PM

Beneficiary: The Harp Foundation

Host(s): Vern and Cille Swaback

EMCEE: Rev. Joyce Buekers, Executive Director

Founders: Joyce Buekers

Executive Director: Joyce Buekers

Welcome: Vern Swaback

Speaker: Lizbeth Congiusti, wine expert

Catering: Q/Serve Catering

Entertainment: Live harp music (Classical, Celtic, Standards)

Music: The Harp Foundation

Of note: The harp is the most ancient instrument in history.

Quote of the evening: "Our primary focus is to transform critical situations into peaceful environments."

Attendance: 150

Information: Chris Boydston-Taub 602-265-4014

Board of Directors: Deanne Hodgson, board president

Blacktie Photos by: Jaimee Anderson

 Robin Ruecker and Patrice Riegel (co-chairs)
Robin Ruecker and Patrice Riegel (co-chairs)
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Harps in the Garden

By Myra Richman

The Harp Foundation held its second annual Harps in the Garden event, hosted by Vern and Cille Swaback of Swaback Partners and Studio V, on Sunday, November 4, 2007 from 4-7pm. 

Live harp music was performed by several talented, therapeutic harpists throughout the gardens as guests enjoyed wine and a tasty feast.

Music lovers and involved Valley residents found themselves in the casual, peaceful and charming environment listening to beautiful music and learning about The Harp Foundation's mission to provide aid and healing to individuals in crisis.

Special guest and wine expert Lizbeth Congiusti shared some interesting facts about wine and explained the origin of offering a toast with wine.  

Founder and executive director Joyce Buekers thanked everyone for attending, toasted the hosts and talked about the mission of the organization. "We have seen many lives transformed and touched through therapeutic harp music.  This evening we wish for you to see, firsthand, the wonderful outcomes of harp music on individuals in crisis or with special needs," she said.

Mercy Gilbert Hospital's CEO Laurie Eberst told about the research they will be doing to show how harp music can play such an important part in healing before and after surgical procedures.

Harpists Johanna Grant and special guest Marie Grandstaff, a retired professor from Stanford, shared their personal stories with the audience. 

A highlight of the evening included Sherry Lund, president of the Victoria Lund Foundation, and her preschool grandson, Jacob Lund, speaking about the calming effect the harp music has had at his school. 

It doesn't get any better than listening to soothing harp music at sunset in a beautiful garden with a glass of wine and delicious food and interesting, caring people.

About The Harp Foundation
The Harp Foundation of Phoenix is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a mission to provide therapeutic music to aid in the healing, comfort, and well-being of individuals in crisis or with special needs.

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