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Have You Met Gina Conflitti, MD?



Gina Conflitti pursued a career in medicine because of the challenges the healing sciences offered.  “I had always loved the study of medicine but when combined with the opportunities to heal others, I knew I had found my calling.” And today Dr. Conflitti still maintains her passion and energy for health care. “I believe in a more holistic approach than traditional Western medicine practices; I feel it is critical to focus on preventative measures in combating diseases than to try to  treat them once they’ve occurred.”

 To this end, it is only natural that one of Gina’s volunteer focuses has been the WellCare Foundation. Since 1999, the WellCare Foundation has helped single, working mothers and their children get healthy and stay healthy by providing a high level of care at no cost. Their integrated and comprehensive approach to health care aims to heal the whole person and provide much-needed physical, mental, and emotional support. To accomplish this they form a network of licensed practitioners from all aspects of care, including conventional, complementary, and alternative medicine. These services can improve their self-sufficiency and help their families succeed.

 “Unfortunately, I am limited in my volunteer commitments because of the malpractice issues in medicine today, but it is  wonderful to be of service to those who cannot afford health insurance. The people who come  are so appreciative and respectful with what we  are doing. It  is also a great opportunity for me to practice my Spanish!”


Additionally, Gina is  a board member of the American Charter School Foundation (ACSF), which was organized in 1998. The mission of the ACSF is to promote the charter school movement in the United States.  Its goal is to improve the public school system by creating a more competitive environment, by providing parents and students with freedom of choice , and striving for higher academic standards. “ What I cherish about the efforts of  ACSF is their commitment toward excellence in education.  Competition, in any facet of life, is a healthy thing and ACSF offers students the opportunity to take control of their education and excel at their own pace.”


On a personal vein Gina continues,“My family has been in Arizona for nine years now. I love the Southwest! I am a fan of outdoor living, and all the physical activities we can experience here. Despite my hectic schedule, I recognize the need to recreate with my family.   We run, hike, and fly fish. We also enjoy the mountains, and apppreciate being so close to the Grand Canyon. In 2004 I successfully competed in the inaugural Phoenix Rock and Roll Marathon! Since then I’ve run marathons with both my daughters, and have also done other half marathons.”


The Bills have three children ages 20, 18, and 16. “Peter and I have always tried to instill in our kids the need for time management skills.  All of them share a balanced passion for sports while at the same time respect the need for academic success. Our middle child, Kali, who is studying to be a physical therapist, won the Christian Service Award at her high school graduation for accumulating the most volunteer hours in her class. I’m so pleased that the next generation is also concerned about others and my children are a part of that!  I’m also amazed that at such young ages my daughters have run marathons, something I never considered until I was probably 35. But an example of our efforts is evidenced by the true compliment I received from one of my daughters, ‘Well, you know Mom, it’s your own fault--you raised us to be an active family!’ I do love to eat and live healthily, and to emphasize exercise, as a holistic approach to living.”


Dr.  Conflitti concludes, “I have high expectations for myself, my family and others. I’m thankful for the health I have and the ability I have to give back to those less fortunate than me  through  the passion and commitment  of my chosen profession. To me the cup is always half full, the day partly sunny and the challenges of my work invigorating on a daily basis.  I cannot envision myself in any other line of work other than medicine as that is how I have defined myself, a healthcare professional striving to make a difference.”



What are your local volunteer activities? Recently provided volunteer services at St Vincent DePaul Medical/Dental Clinic in Phoenix, AZ

 Which fundraising event is your favorite? Monte Carlo Night

 Favorite restaurant? Ocean Club


Who do you most admire, and why? My grandmother because she had very little education and worked hard all her life, loves me unconditionally, and exemplified that God is first, family is second, and the rest is what you make of it


If your life were a movie, who would you want to play your part?  Halle Berry (only because some think I resemble her)


Do you have any Pets? Brutus for 14 years was just put to sleep a few months ago


When you move, what will your home tell its next owner about you? She likes her space 


What's the best lesson you've learned through the years? The golden rule, of course, treat others as you wish to be treated.


What was your first job? Candy counter at the showcase cinema


What is your greatest indulgence? Dark chocolate and a good red


What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? Raising three children to be successful adults (still in progress and on the right rack)


What is your most treasured possession? My children


What is the quality you most like in people? Laughter


Favorite books / Writers?  I LOVE romance novels!


What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Lack of self-confidence


What is the trait you most deplore in others? Selfishness


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Working out: spin, yoga, weight training


What would we be most surprised to know about you? I love to fly fish


What is the best advice you have ever received? Dance like no one is watching


What are some challenges facing nonprofits? Currently: the recession. In general: relying on fickle donors and good grant writers




Gina, I thought I was looking at your high school don't seem to age! I'm proud of you, but not at all suprised by your amazing accomplishments. I miss you and we might have to take a trip to Arizona or find someplace in between to meet. Keep going after your dreams! Andrea Gander
Andrea Gander

Gina, Thank you for all you do to help our community. I'm honored to serve on the WellCare Board with you. Need to hear more about the fly fishing!
Toni Rudolph

Gina, You are quite an inspiration. It is an honor to serve on the WellCare Board with you.
Sandy Corder

You are such an amazing women. Thank you for being my inspiration. You have showed me that you can be a good mom and be successful with your career! Arizona is so lucky to have you and I still miss you every day!!!
kristy schena

Hello My Dear Friend, so p[roud of you as always. Can't wait to see you in October. You are the bomb!! Love and kisses, BIG sis, Glo
gloria moore