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Have You Met Paige Heavey? An energetic and community-minded businesswoman, Paige Heavey has resided in Phoenix for 18 years. “I grew up in Atlanta, went to college in Tennessee, but I came to Phoenix on a consulting assignment. For a year I commuted back and forth, and then I was able to transfer here permanently. What I appreciate most about Phoenix is our incredible quality of life--the gorgeous weather, light traffic, the restaurants! We have so many amenities with the theatre, sports, art museums, and plenty of conveniences, all without the hassle of too many people. I am inspired by the multitude of opportunities available in Phoenix.” Paige is the CEO of Paige Heavey Fine Properties Group, which associates with Realty Executives. The Group focuses on helping people move within the Valley, enabling physicians and professionals to relocate from around the world, and advises investors on procuring properties that will accomplish their financial objectives. She has been named the Phoenix Business Journal's Real Estate Superstar, and was a member of the 2004 "40 under 40" class of business leaders.  One book and two magazines have featured Paige: Voices of Arizona, Broker/Agent Magazine, and Arizona Woman. She comments on the present economy, “In today’s economic climate we’re challenged like never before, because we are so interdependent globally. But I see this time as an opportunity. For people looking to diversify their investment portfolio, this is a unique time to buy real estate at deeply discounted prices.” As a natural leader, one of Paige’s commitments is to Central Phoenix Women. This organization is for women who have established themselves professionally, and have demonstrated their commitment to the community. Paige has been with Central Phoenix Women since its inception. “The first year the founder, Linda Herold, tapped me on the shoulder to be an advisor, and for last two years I have served as its director. This group fills a void for the professional women who are committed to the community. It deepens our responsibility to the community while also connecting us with like-minded women for sharing information, ideas, contacts and opportunities.  As a tribute to our success, we have been named in the top 25 of professional networking groups by the Phoenix Business Journal. My duties are to host meetings, help the founder secure speakers, and grow the organization by introducing it to more women. It’s been a very fulfilling role.” For the past five years Paige has also been associated with the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA, the last two as the board chair. “I’m especially proud of our fitness center that is attended by the downtown Arizona State University students. It is the official recreation center for those students, and is an important facet of their social lives. At the Y we also host a signature event for 250 at risk youth in the downtown area. We offer a three-course meal that emphasizes social graciousness and manners, and we showcase several booths of businesses and universities from the area. It is an excellent opportunity for youth to see what careers they can pursue after they graduate high school. It also shows them that the downtown area businesses believe in them. One year we even had two rival gangs co-existing peacefully at the same dinner, hopefully helping to relieve some inner city tension!” She continues, “One program I’ve just become involved with, and am very enthusiastic about, is the Arizona Latino Leadership Institute. We offer college graduates a twelve- month fellowship, along with a nice salary of $40,000. They complete three months studying public policy, three months of corporate experience, and three months working with nonprofits and three months learning ethics from Georgetown University. We hope to give them a reason to come back to Arizona after college and become active in strengthening the Latino and overall community.” Additionally, Paige is a member of Valley Leadership’s Class XXX. “I am involved in its nine month program where we gain knowledge about the community and its leaders.  The goal is to cultivate our desire to positively impact the community. We meet every month where we learn how the communities and government are run and we meet community leaders. I will graduate from Valley Leadership in June, with a heightened awareness and desire to serve.  Many in the program have gone on to public service or politics.” Paige Heavey’s leisure time is spent doing volunteer work, and participating in the community. “We are presently also looking to adopt one or two children; I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life!” It’s certain that this new endeavor will be approached in her signature style- with enthusiasm and commitment! What are your volunteer activities? -Director - Central Phoenix Women, 2007-present  -Board Chair - Downtown YMCA. -Valley Leadership’s Current Class (XXX). -Board Member - AZ Latino Leadership Institute.  Which social event is your favorite? John C. Lincoln's Heart of Gold Ball, Fresh Start's Fashion Gala.  Favorite restaurant?  For food - Drinkwater's City Hall near Old Town Scottsdale.  For Atmosphere - T.Cooks at the Royal Palms in Phoenix. Who is your hero and why?  Historically I've been very gender neutral in my admiration of people; however, I’m beginning to appreciate strong women more and more.  Balancing so many roles, while fighting tirelessly for a cause is an amazing talent to me.   Princess Diana and Mother Theresa are my top two.  What is the greatest gift you have ever given and received? My Mother instilled in me confidence and the belief that I could accomplish anything that I chose to.  I like to use that gift to propel younger women toward their dreams by introducing them to people I know who can make a difference.  Who is the most interesting celebrity you have ever met? Magic Johnson, one of the best point guards in the game of basketball and a public advocate for HIV/Aids when it challenged his reputation. If your life were a movie, whom would you want to play your part? Reese Witherspoon - another girl from the South with her feet planted firmly in the ground while being ambitious about what she could accomplish. What gives a woman/man style?  The way they present themselves to the world; by being thoughtful in appearance and paying attention to the details.  It doesn't have to always be formal; just thoughtful for the occasion. Do you have any Pets? Two dogs - one Australian Shepherd who competes in agility and one Aussie Lab mix who is a great car rider and loyal companion. When you move, what will your home tell its next owner about you? Much laughter and creative conversations were had here. What's the best lesson you're learned through the years?  My name is my biggest asset - which means doing what I say I will do, even when it's uncomfortable.  I work at this every day.  What words would you like others to use to describe you?  A natural leader, fun and energetic. What was your first job? Lifeguard at the club with four pools and lots of kids to watch out for.  What is the trait you most deplore in others?  Negativity - not taking responsibility for one’s actions. What is your greatest indulgence? Eating out at new or "old favorite" restaurants in Phoenix and Scottsdale. What is your current state of mind? Optimistic and fortunate to live in AZ.  We live in an incredibly unique state where any person can be as successful and involved as they choose.  What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?  Finding and then marrying my best friend in the United Methodist Church 11 years ago.  We had an incredible sunset reception at Desert Botanical Gardens with Eddie Mattney's wonderful food and drinks and great dancing-what a memorable occasion!