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Have You Met Stacey Bailey?

In her professional life with Beyond the Surface Skin Care, Stacey Bailey helps nurture the outward appearance. “I like to say that I help women look as young as they feel!” She enjoys creating the most potential in every woman, boosting their confidence and ability to face the world.

But Stacey also has a heart for those who may be suffering out of sight, those neglected and abused children who have lost hope. “I volunteer with Gabriel’s Angels because we are so successful with our Pet Therapy Program, reaching almost 14,000 children every year. Our organization travels to Crisis Nursery, Youth Clubs, and homeless shelters.”

Teams including a dog, their owner and handler, and a Helping Hand, commit for at least a year to a particular child. This child learns to have an emotional attachment to the therapy dog by participating in its care, including brushing its teeth and coat. “Some children have never been cared for themselves, but in caring for another they see that love can be unconditional and fulfilling.”

Gabriel’s Angels stated mission is “to deliver healing pet therapy to at-risk children, nurturing their emotional development and enhancing the quality of their lives forever.” Through 175 registered volunteer Therapy Teams, they are able to serve with over 100 agencies.

Stacey met Pam Gaber through various women’s networking groups. “And also when I was president of Women of Scottsdale, Pam Gaber was named Woman of the Year. When I spoke with her, her cause just really struck a chord with me, and I was motivated to join Gabriel’s Angels. Today I’m co-chair for the fund raising wine dinner, Salud.”

After graduating from high school in Utah, Stacey moved with her family to Arizona, and has been here ever since.  “The wonderful thing about Arizona is our diversity of lifestyles. We can enjoy the desert, be in the mountains in a short trip, and with a quick flight be by the ocean! I also have come to love the supportive people and organizations we have here.” Stacey is also an accomplished cook and gardener. “I find that I am happiest when I am cooking for the people I love!” She also enjoys performance racing at Firebird Raceways.

Stacey Bailey sums up her views “I think everyone has a story, and we don’t know what they have had to endure to get to their present state. But I believe everyone deserves respect and the chance to reach their full potential!”

What are your local volunteer activities? Currently co-chair for Gabriel’s Angels Salud!

Who inspired you to give back to your community?  My grandmother, Beverly Rindfleisch

Which fundraising event is your favorite? Gabriel’s Angels Unleash the Love Breakfast

Favorite restaurant?  Blanco, I love the fish tacos.

Whom do you most admire, and why? My grandmother, Beverly Rindfleisch.

If your life were a movie, who would you want to play your part? Nicole Kidman

Do you have any pets?  Two dogs, Roxy & Max    

Favorite TV show?  I love to watch the cooking channel.

When you move, what will your home tell its next owner about you? My home will tell the next owners that I’m happiest when I’m preparing meals or entertaining family & friends. 

What was your first job?  At age 14 I got my first summer job making sandwiches for a food truck. 

What is your greatest indulgence? An old fashioned banana split.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? Raising two children to be productive citizens that contribute to society.

What is your most treasured possession? My father’s mother died before I was born, and when I became an adult, he gave me her gold watch. 

What is the quality you most like in people? Integrity.

Favorite books/writers? Nicholas Sparks books.

What is the trait you most deplore in others? Rude and judgmental  

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Gardening and cooking.

What would we be most surprised to know about you? I love to race cars and shoot guns. 

Good for you. Look forward to seeing you soon. Love your treatments and your concern for people.
Judy bailey