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August, 02 2008 - Arizona Humane Society's 10th Annual Pet Telethon

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Ron Burns (renowned artist) and Tim Crum with beautiful adopted pet Dan Selznick(The RoomStore--title sponsor), Perry Fanzo (docent) Lisa Goin (development director) with little chocolate lab pal Marge Wright, volunteer and long-time friend of the AHS
Tim Crum (executive director) receiving check donation from Jane Van Meter (American Express representative) Mitch Holmquist (Outback Steakhouse Manager) Tim Crum, Loretta Herger, Lisa Goin Mike Bell (The Roomstore) with little friend and Perry Fanzo (docent)
Buff & Ron Burns Marge Wright (long-time volunteer) being shown appreciation by Executive Director Tim Crum Lisa Goin joins Ron Burns (and friend) and Tim Crum On the phones accepting donations
Little chocolate labs, up for adoption At the phone bank Ron Burns (renowned artist and loyal friend of AHS) with Tim Crum (executive director) Front row: Volunteers from American Express; Back row: Volunteers from Central Life Sciences
At the phone bank (front row - Arizona Humane Society Board Members; back row - Merestone) Volunteers from Central Life Sciences Volunteers from Arizona Humane Society (Board Members) Tim Crum offers his own donation, with Jane Van Meter (American Express representative)
Volunteers from Merestone Susan Wissink (board chair) with friend "Scooby Batman" Marge Wright (about to receive an award) with Tim Crum, TV monitor from the AHS campus
Susan Wissink (board chair) with Tim Crum (executive director) Volunteers Karly, Clarisse, Lauren Lisa Goin (development director) & Tim Crum (executive director) early on at the tote board Having fun with the little labs
Ashleigh Goebel (AHS staff) with Lisa Goin (development director) choosing a winner Tim Crum at the tote......early in the day Lisa Goin, Ron Burns, Tim Crum Marge Wright (dog lover and generous friend of the AHS) with Ron Burns (artist/author)
Marge Wright, Susan Mack (executive producer), Tim Crum (executive director) Tim Crum speaks to the audience, offering T-shirts to donors Making friends Serena Ness (AHS manager) being interviewed by Lisa Goin (development director)
The phone bank volunteers making things happen Channel 15 floor crew From the phone bank Loretta Herger, long-time volunteer and donor at AHS, with Lisa Goin
Tim Crum and Lisa Goin admiring the tote board as the numbers increased Carissa Vivirito  
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