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October, 10 2009 - WellCare Foundation's Monte Carlo Night

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Al Stimac (board president), Marge Ebeling (founder & president) Scott & Anne Gill (executive director) Jim & Debbie Krasne (board member) Dr. Coats and the Leona Group
Sandy & KT Tamm (board member) Brice & Sandra Corder (board member) Robert & Julie Burghart Marge Ebeling (founder & president), Kyle Lasseter (board co-chair), Dara Lasseter
Dennis Fernandez, Donna Warner (event co-chairs) Doug Groppenbacher, Al Stimac (board president) Chrissy Zubieta, Michael Mendoza Jon Rentschler, Mackenzie Stanton (board member)
Lenny & Jen Saltmarsh Debbie Krasne (board member) and Kevin Conroy Jennifer Blair (the lady in red) Lorraine (board member), Stephen and Clare Brophy
Dr. Coats receives a gift of appreciation from Dennis Fernandez and Marge Ebeling Gosia & Robert Van Laarhoven (board member) WellCare Foundation information Shelley Teakle
Kaye King, Grace Rucker, Karen Hickok Bob & Julie MacKenzie Myra Ebeling, Khristen Vanderwey Mark Hechtman, Semone Rochlin, Judy Zaft, Mary Hechtman
Patty Smith tells how much she appreciates WellCare for the surgery performed on well-behaved son Luca (held by Marge Ebeling) Bria McDonald Donna Warner (event co-chair) with her boys...Dylan Warner and Ryan Grubb Jane Pederson, Kristy Rhodes
Move over Las Vegas Savannah Allen Matt & Melissa Figueroa Joan Raskin, Denise McAdams
The gambling begins... Ashley Thomas, Michael Buekers Marty & Barbara Kitaeff Enjoying the cocktail hour
Bidding gets going Marge Ebeling with Dennis Fernandez (event co-chair) Raffle items Debra McMillian
Kelly Menna, Lara Murphy, Tracy Ager Kriss Proctor, Tom Gillham Centerpiece Marge Ebeling (founder & president), Myra Richman (board member)
In the chips...... Marge Ebeling & Lynne Erickssen
(WellCare mom) Patty Smith and son Luca Auction item Ready for the crowd
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