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Statement of Purpose: The mission of the Sage Foundation for Health is to support the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in its efforts to provide quality natural healthcare to the medically underserved people of Arizona. The vision of the Foundation is: 1) To serve as a catalyst for improving the quality of healthcare in Arizona, 2) to make natural therapies available to medically underserved groups in this state, and 3) to train naturopathic physicians in providing services to indigent and working poor individuals and/or groups with specific healthcare needs. The Sage Foundation provides free medical care and touches the lives of over 80,000 people each year at the following locations: Southwest Center for HIV/Aids, Guadalupe Family Health Center, Hamilton Elementary School Clinic, Mission of Mercy, Arizona Pathways, Royal Assisted Living Center, World Addiction and Health Institute, and Sojourner Center Womens Shelter.


Address: 2140 E. Broadway Rd., Tempe, AZ 85213
Phone Number: 480-222-9224
Fax: 480-858-9100
Email Address: [email protected]
Web Site:


Full Time Volunteers: 3
Part-Time Volunteers: 45


Major Fund-raisers: Annual Golf Tournament and 2009


Executive Committee: Dr. Klee Bethel, Dr. Paul Mittman, Barry Peretz, Dr. Nick Buratovich, Ed Beeh, Jeane Crouse, Dr. Renee McGovern, Jim Hayden, Wendell Jones
Director(s): Edward Phillips, Executive Director Barry Peretz, President
Key Personnel: Edward Phillips, Salina Bazurto, Linda Brozewicz


Founded: 2002
Community Served: The Sage Foundation provides free medical care to woman and children of domestic violence, the elderly, those living with AIDS, and economically-disadvantaged Hispanic and Native American Indian populations.


Ongoing Projects: Maintaining medical rotations at the following sites: Southwest Center for HIV/Aids was established approximately 13 years ago to serve people living with HIV/AIDS. Arizona Pathways helps those with detoxification and drug rehabilitation needs. Royal Assisted Living Center provides care for a geriatric population. Guadalupe Family Health Center serves the Yaqui Native American and Hispanic communities.Sojourner Center cares for victims of domestic violence, primarily women and children. Mission of Mercy’s provides primary health care for those without medical coverage. Hamilton Elementary School Medical Clinic serves more than 600 disadvantaged youth each year. World Addiction and Health Institute providing medical care during drug and alcohol recovery.


Newsletter: Spotlight on Sage - February 2007
Spotlight on the Sage - April 2006


Accomplishments: Received the AIDS Project Arizona’s Community Service Award in 2002 (for our work at Body Positive), Started the Hamilton Elementary School Clinic, Dr. Brad Smith was named as Medical Director of Mission of Mercy – the first ND to ever hold this position, Developed a Pap Smear program for indigent women – a routine exam for most women, but the first for many in this program, acknowledged by Rotary Gift of Life 2008.


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